Simplified Mobility starting from people with disabilities.

“Our goal is to exponentially accelerate the transition to a more accessible and inclusive Planet.”

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The first responsible and community based

Open Social Navigator


Everyone can contribute, adding accessible locations, mapping architectural barriers or sharing real time information. Users in need, caregivers, volunteers, you are welcome.


Users can interact, post places they like, share locations, review, ask for help and advices peer to peer. Everyone can help and get helped, talk about their favourite topics and make friends.


Lets you go from point A to point B avoiding obstacles, showing accessible transportation and parking spots, as objective information of the accessible facilities around you.

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Techstars 2020

We’re part of Techstars Smart Mobility acceleration program held in Italy, Turin.
Watch the Demo Day Pitch clicking the button bellow.

Community, Validation and Fun!

We validated and learnt a lot from our users, also found many curious early adopters and built the basis of a community through a warm and proactive group of ambassadors !

Are you a potential user that want collaborate? Feel free to reach out, we’re glad to share our findings and have new support!

How does it work?



Users can find information about accessible transportation and stops, as indications concerning wheelchair friendly parking spots, and the time to reach destination.



Each mapped facility will display 3 pictures concerning it’s accessibility. A picture of the Entrance, one of the interior showing the space of maneuver, and one of the WC.



Users can interact, share new mapped things and personal experiences,  ask questions, advise others on better places, and even ask or offer help.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We rely on Diversity&Inclusion oriented responsible companies to create unique corporate stakeholder engagement systems in order to boost accessibility, raise awareness and build an inclusive and conscious ecosystem.

"Pass the Baton" value circle

Double? No !



Companies gain brand awareness, create an inclusive internal culture, and are perceived as responsible, impacting multiple stakeholders at once.


Employees, as all participants, become more aware, are happy of the company hey represent and can donate, making a personal impact without spending!

Non Profits

Receive funding without effort, having new resources to pursue their philanthropic mission, as joining a new network that links a nee local impact ecosystem, gaining more visibility.


People with disabilities benefit of new information, and a better mobility tool to use, as the revenues will be dedicated to boost WeGlad's performance and accuracy.


Operational Team

Petru Capatina

CEO | Co-founder

Paolo Bottiglieri

COO | Co-founder


Gianluca Giordano

App & Web Dev


Amedeo Perna

Serial Entrepreneur

Lowie Vermeersch

Founder & Creative Director @ Granstudio

Italo Monfermoso

Partner @ Unicasim

Simone Brevigliero

Senior Partner @ Granstudio